Saturday, June 17, 2006

Due to technical difficulties...

...we will resume our regular programming shortly.

One new powersupply?

One new battery?

One overnight charge?

One very very very impatient creative person?
Check, please!!!

The PowerBook, she is charging (we hope.)
Because I hate to disappoint, here's my placeholder post for the evening.

While you're waiting, please see this photographer's site.

Thanks for the empathy, and I do have some good 'uns for ya.

While you're waiting for me to go to Spain, sit quietly outside a little cafe, and catch just the right flirtatious wry flicker between two older folks, please see this photographer's site.

Ahem. While you're waiting for something really radioactive from me, please see this artist's site.

Thanks to everyone for their chicken-soup-with-a-side-of-tequila-for-the-soul support.


MB said...

Ah, hang in there. It'll happen. This hiccup just helps you seem human, Lori! ;-)

Tricky Trev said...

Tops! That is ace! Finally...mutants! Jeesh, I was starting to think that they were dying off. Glad to see someone's captured them in all their glory. That would be excellent nose art for one of the X-Men's aircraft. Thanks for the share. Hope the newly charged Mac is doing swell.