Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birthday present


Flesh born under a surgeon’s knife, soul borne by gusts
from a summer thunderstorm, bruised sky roiling as self
folds down from Self like origami from sheets – of rain,
of the leaves of all books written and not yet written falling
like me into spine-stiff casing as I was bound from dream
to womb to air crackling with ether and ozone, lightning
licking a gleaming alphabet onto my bloodstreaked skin,
unbound, unbounded, unfolded, unfolding from arc to arc
under the Perseids, following their spark back home.


Dick the Boomer said...

I love the imagery!

"..I was bound from dream to womb to air crackling with ether and ozone..."

Is today your birthday? If so... Happy Birthday.

Olga Norris said...

Obviously a Leo!

MB said...

Oh Lori, this is beautiful! Beautiful!

Is it your birthday?

Lori Witzel said...'s my birthday.


Got some fun candy and a gift certificate for a bookstore from my sweet hubbie. Now off for more adventures!

Thanks, everyone, for lovin' what words came out in a rush late late last night.

Ami Chang said...

Beautiful poetry, Lori. Have a day filled with moments to remember.


Tricky Trev said...


Now go kick back and down some after-birth! Mmmmm, the REAL Texas Tea!

Dana S. Whitney said...

Happy Birthday!
Lovely entries. As always.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm late!! But this is for all the rest of your birthdays---happy, happier, happiest! It's perfect that you were born in summer, you sparkly thing!