Monday, February 12, 2007

Mayfield Park


frank-h said...

wow! this is a BEAUTIFUL image, Lori - really nice.
i am fond to these ponds with koi fish... i want one in my backyard!
but, more than that - i totally like these small fresh water habitats... more if they have ilttle turtles and frogs.

nice ... do you know Barbara Hund's books? i enjoyed "stirring the mud"... give a look to them.

ok, see you, Lori - have a good week!

Pedro said...

Beautiful reflection of the thin palm tree leaves.

Anonymous said...

When the picture loads up it's almost as if the water is shimmering with movement...wonderful effect and really a Nice Photo, Lori!

I wish I could see Koi pooling in a pond...but tis still winter in the Frozen North. *sigh*

Belinha Fernandes said...

Lovely shot!Just lovely!

Bitterroot said...