Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thoughts skipped like stones


am said...

What a good start for today to see your blue sky-reflecting river image and to think of "thoughts skipped like stones." My father used to skip stones across the Gualala River when I would come to visit.

Mauricio said...

Wonderfull place!

Congrats Lori :o)

Steve Reed said...

Hi Lori,

Great photos! I think I've actually visited this pond. Is it near the Perdinales River? I remember a row of cypress trees leading down to the river, from a pool surrounded by a stone ledge. blog! (I also like the "Between Heaven and Earth" photo!)


Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

You know what I love about your stuff, Lori? I look at a picture and it makes me want to write. Like this, as soon as I saw it, I thought:

"He stood at the water's edge, hugging himself as a breeze stirred the fine hairs at the back of his neck. He hadn't been here since he was a teenager. Desperate days. Lonely days. As an adult, the old pond seemed dirty and small. A plastic bottle bobbed on the surface in front of him, and further down the edge, candy wrappers and other trash was scattered through the grass.

A sound.

Turning he was confronted by a familiar face. Changed by the years, he still recognized his old friend, Samantha Carson. Or maybe not Carson any longer."

Larry Ayers said...

This is a great example of title/photo synergy. They potentiate each other so nicely.