Sunday, February 04, 2007

Starbucks and hot chips

I got my laptop back! It seems these things are prone to overheating and cooking their chips -- which is what happened to mine.

So I'm reinstalling some apps and drivers, but thought I'd share yesterday's coffee time sketches. More to come as soon as I'm fully reset. (And a great big "thank you" to The Mur for setting me up to do image processing on his machine while I was computerless.)


Anonymous said...

How does one avoid it?

Thought of you because my laptop wouldn't boot up yesterday. My 3-year guarantee of help proved worthless, and I got a friend to help me on the phone.

Is Starbucks a daily thing for you? I'll bet the nearest one to me is Albany.

Come to think of it, I don't drink coffee...

Lori Witzel said...

Arg, I am so sorry to hear your provider's tech support didn't. Although I was mightily freaked out, Apple's tech support was thorough and kind, and got me back to working pretty fast.

The Starbucks experience? There are almost as many Starbucks in the Austin metro area as there are under-employed musicians. The chain is scattered throughout the 'burbs as well, which makes them an easy place to stop-and-drop with a sketchbook, knowing there will be people sitting for a bit and thus fresh models for a fleet hand.

There are other places to go, but I think the habit is a variant of my student practice of sitting in Denny's with one cup of endless coffee while sketching people.

Ernesto said...

Yay! There is nothing like getting your computer back from the doctor's....

Dave said...

Cooking your own chips sounds like something that an especially enterprising buffalo might do to stay warm.