Sunday, February 25, 2007

Only in Texas

I told Beth to leave her car running as I jumped out to take a very quick pic. Didn't want to assume I'd be welcome, even though the sign said they were closed.


MjM said...

We'll shoot ya or shave ya!

Marly Youmans said...

The hangout of manly men who wear the right kind of hat, no doubt.

Just arrived from nine days in the Carolinas and needed to look at a picture of something h-o-t.

Karen McL said...

*Not Welcome*?

Looks like ya was flirting with a *close shave* there, Lori!

LOL. Nice shot.

MB said...

This made me laugh. Must be Texas, I thought, then on second thought, you might well find something similar in Idaho.

Anonymous said...

lemme clean yer guns whiles i cut yer hayr.

we gots places that up heeeer in montany, too.