Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Red berry day

My amateur botany fails me -- I have no idea what these are, other than pretty against the brittle fallen leaves.

(For those who like piles o' linear people, my sketching will resume today; have been prepping for a Big Meeting at work and that's cut into my sketch-time.)


MB said...

Berry happy Valentine's day to you & yours, Lori! That red looks scrumptious to my winter-starved eyes.

Laureline said...

Looks like nandina to moi. Or deciduous holly.


Belinha Fernandes said...

Hello Lori!Just read about snow in the USA.Is it in your region?I don't knowthe name for these berrys also!:-)

Marly Youmans said...

Belinha needs to come to my house to see snow! I think this one is one of our biggest ever... Supposed to stop by midnight. There are some very strange images out there, too.

Pedro said...

I am sorry about the sketches, but the photo is worth the visit.