Friday, March 16, 2007

10 petals + poem 11

"... in time's a noble mercy of proportion
with generosities beyond believing
(though flesh and blood accuse him of coercion
or mind and soul convict him of deceiving)

whose ways are neither reasoned nor unreasoned,
his wisdom cancels conflict and agreement
--saharas have their centuries,ten thousand
of which are smaller than a rose's moment ..."

From poem 11 in E. E. Cummings' 95 poems

More on the number 10.
And more on the number 11.


tiffini elektra x said...

Gorgeous. . .the dew and the capture just moments before the petals fall.

raindog said...

ahh ... a day that begins with cummings ain't too shabby. nice color in the photo!

MB said...

Wonderful sense of combined decadence and innocence in this shot.

whose ways are neither reasoned nor unreasoned
oh, that's good.

Ed Maskevich said...

if for just a single moment
to show the world
that beauty does live
and confounding all wisdom
that in small things
greatness does exist.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Spring beauty! The ground is still frozen and snow covered my way, but hopefully not for long.