Sunday, March 04, 2007

Photo Friday: Alone

One light bulb, waiting for nightfall to shine.

(P.S. -- If you have an interest in sharing your particular light, see another place it might shine.)


Ernesto said...

Hey Lori,
Went to the National Gallery today; I kept you in my mind...

Awesome posts, as always. It's sad my gift did not reach you. Strange, since I thought that both the Royal Mail and the US Mail were pretty trustworthy. I didn't get it back, either. :(

I've made such a big fuss about it that if you ever get it you will be disappointed. But I wanted you to have it!

Anyways, my love for you,

Susanna said...

I saw someone paint their room that color of home and garden.

There has to be some sort of ghost in that full service engine repair.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, especially about Helper! I looked for an email, but didn't find one...sorry to post on your blog.

I love this photograph, there's something very comforting and lonely about it at the same time. You remind me that I should sketch more often too.

Patry Francis said...

This is so evocative. I think I might have to begin my next novel at that anonymous service shop.

ThomP said...

Man- What do you do for a living?

Man2- I service alternators...

Man- Oh...

Man2- But I do have a keen sense of of the beauty in decay.

Man- Good.

Man2- Do you read much Beckett?

Man- No, why?

Man2- No reason...

Man- Nice shoes.

Man2- You DO read Beckett!

Man- No I don't.

Man2- Are you sure?

Man- Yes.

Man2- oh, then why did you mention my shoes?

Man- They're nice shoes...

Man2- O, I get it now.

Man- do you want a drink?

Man2- Not really.

Man- Are you sure?

Man2- No.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Quite a sad pic really !