Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lurk-Free Zone

There seem to be an ever-growing passel of lurkers sitting very quietly in Chatoyance-ville, hoping no one will notice their slight shadows cast.

For those shy souls, consider this your invitation to step out into the pixel-light and:
1. Leave a pebble to mark your pass-though like so -- (o)
2. Comment (even AnonyMice should feel free to squeak)
3. Yodel a lung-busting arpeggio

(I'd love to be able to visit your world, and can't unless you wave a "howdy" in my direction.)


lotusgreen said...

please consider this a pebble.

oh how i wish that i could yodel. do you think yodelers ever need therapists?

i like your water in stone, a bit down.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Since you asked--I often visit your lovely blog, but I just don't have anything very exciting to say. Just "Wow!" and "How interesting!" and "Beautiful!" I love getting a peak at your world--Thank you!

paris parfait said...

Lori, thanks to your helpful comments, I uncovered more information and wrote a new post (Mailing food to the USA). I've credited your remarks for ringing the alarm bells that pushed me further. Merci bien! I am very grateful. And I'll be back to read more of your fascinating blog.

Lori Witzel said...

Yay! Welcome, my shy blog-friends!

LotusGreen: Thanks for the pebble! I've known a few yodelers. They may not all go see therapists, but some of 'em should should. (grin)
You have the coolest Japonisme on your site. I will be back to lurk and comment, since I do love what you're sharing there.

Rebecca: Geneology in peonies! Wow, I love those flowers (and they are full of Japonisme as well) -- how fine that you have family history wrapped up in them. Thanks for stopping and commenting.

Paris: I'm so glad -- geez, when governments tighten control and access to Lovely Dark French Chocolates, I worry. Will stop by your blog and see what you've posted.


Pedro said...

Did you hear my yodeling, Lori? Everybody at home has noticed it!

Dave MacIntyre said...

This is great! Are the hole supposed to be bullet holes I wonder?

Dale said...

Hey, who you callin a lurker?

lilyo ley hee hoo...

Lori Witzel said...

Hi there! More fun in the comments!

Pedro: I could hear them all giggling even over here in Texas, and am surprised those birds didn't fly off.

Dave: Holes for neon tubing I think...

Dale: Big :-) you yodeler, you.

Bill Z said...

hey Lori! I must admit I do my share of lurking too - I come by here much more often than I leave a note and almost always see something new I like

Karen McL said...

Yikes...I left my Yodel in San Francisco! *wink*

(along with my Vicodin dreams!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori!!

annie said...

I'm not so shy, just behind the times. But you are one of the reasons I can't just pick up after being away, and consider all the posts missed as posts unposted. While I'd like to humbly host your eyes and mind for a moment or two, my own blogging has been in rehab, but we're planning a comeback tour in summer.

annie said...

err... by rehab I mean I took a few months off to treat my internet addiction and refocus my efforts. Only the second thing I've said to you, and already my foot's in my mouth!

dinahmow said...

OK, consider this a pebble.A singing stone?
Found you via Laurelines and just never left my mark til now.But I stop by regularly.

MjM said...

The fifties dream in road signs

sigh, all ye boomers

your heart a hostage of

the American road