Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wind was singing through the wires


chris miller said...

"and the sky turns to fire
against the telephone wire
and I'm getting tired
of all these useless desires"(Patti Griffin)

(so.. could you go back and make the shot at sunset ?)

Your layouts have so much impact!-- I think people go to school to do what you're doing -- and I'm not quite sure why you're not working for an ad agency.

raindog said...

wow! amazing color here. and the composition! lovely.

MB said...

...was that Bob Wahr you heard singin? ;-)

jarvenpa said...

beautiful. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but the newfangled blogger is doing odd things...

Ed Maskevich said...

Blue sky, is that what it looks like? It's been so long that I've forgotten.

Mauricio said...


Great work, green and blue amazing!

Another great work.

Pedro said...

Still about the stick machine:
Machine Turn Quickly,

Lori Witzel said...

Hey ever'body, it's almost Friday, and then the weekend -- am ready for More Art Fun and fewer Excel spreadsheets! :-)

Chris -- Been there, done that. I started my working life as an illustrator, went on to do production art and graphics and art direction in ad agencies, acquired copywriting proficiency and some slight understanding of marketing, took those skills to educational publishing companies, learned much more about marketing, and then took those skills on to software companies. I do that work well, but I may be getting ripe enough for Art, at last.

Raindog -- Thanks so much! That particular field seemed almost like I was looking out over an ocean. The land was so wide and flat I could almost see the curve of the earth.

MB -- Him 'zactly! (There is, wonderfully enough, a street where I live named Bob Wire Road.)

Jarvenpa -- Glad you enjoyed this slice. And me too re: Blogger, it has been buggy lately.

Ed -- Here, I've taken an ice-cream-scoopful and am winging visions of celestial blue your way. We have plenty to share (or at least did this past weekend.)

Mauricio -- Hello back! I am always to happy to "see" you! And thanks -- high praise coming from you, since I love your work!

PMBC -- Oh, this is really neat! Looks like part of a bicycle derailleur. I love the blue tones and washes and the "femme"/"homme" gears.

Pod said...

wow. if iwas standing i would have stepped back when i saw this. love the sloping horizon and the lines pull one in quickly, hence the stepping back! cool1

Dave MacIntyre said...

Beautiful stark landscape!

rbarenblat said...

This is what I love in the Texas landscape. Once I'm home in Massachusetts, this will make me homesick.