Saturday, March 03, 2007



chris miller said...

Rock behind water ? Of course it's tao-ish.

But where the hell did you find it?
(I want to go there to meditate !)

Ed Maskevich said...

Now this intrigues me, well done. I think that I am looking at stone blocks behind a waterfall of sorts.

Lori Witzel said...

At the risk of defusing some mystery for other subsequent viewers...

Chris: A couple of weekends ago I went to the Chinese New Year's celebration at a brand-new Asian shopping mall, hoping to find lots of very cool things (dragon and lion dancers? balloons? lots of silken commercial calligraphy scrolls?) to catch.

Well, maybe a better shooter (or one who has no hesitation about photographing strangers) would have found lots, but I mostly found what one would find in any shopping strip-mall.

That doesn't mean there was nothing beautiful -- witness this fresh-built fountain -- but there were fewer saturated colors than I hoped for (oh, except for the piggies and the Good-Luck Knot.)


Ed: I'm always happy when I find something that's got the whole "nuthin' special" thing going on, at that moment when light and other elements conspire to bring out its secret beauty. Glad you were taken with it!

Anonymous said...

touch. touch touch.


My eye-fingers love texture!

Larry said...

I had trouble commenting yesterday, but the process seems to be working today. I'll remember your advice, though!

I don't care where this shot was taken; as a composition it's first-rate. I can only hope that if presented with such a sight that I would have the impulse to record it!

Tricky Trev said...

Damn, I think I need to go pee now. Way to go Lo-Wi!