Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dharmacakra minus two

"...maybe you are the driver
with both hands on the wheel, humming a tune
nobody's ever heard before..."

From "In Every Direction" by Ralph Angel


Nadinha said...

Very pretty.
Happy new year!

R.L. Bourges said...

you sure keep pulling them out of the hat, don't you?

"Given that I have only two tools—the language in which I compose and the fact of my reality—it’s my job to find the language that enacts the fact of my reality."

(and the guy's name would be angel, of course.)

Smiler said...

I'm thrilled you've come upon these cars. I love vintage cars, precisely because of all the cool and sometimes quirky detailing and each model being so different from the other. Unlike nowadays when you can barely tell one car manufacturer from the next.

You could probably take dozens if not a hundred shots of details on every single car. Nice choice of cropping on this one. It almost looks like the futuristic typography they were using in that period.

neilornstein said...

these pictures remind me of that great Ry Cooder version of the song:
Every women I know
Crazy 'bout and automobile
doot da woo-oo do wot

Every women I know
Crazy 'bout and automobile
doot da woo-oo do wot
and here I am standing with
nothing but a ru-ubber heel
(ru-ubber heel.)

here is a link to him playing the song.
it could be the national anthem.