Friday, December 07, 2007

Twofer barrels

"Your friends won’t try to talk you out of the barrel,
or your brag to go first..."

From "Momentum" by Catherine Doty


I'm grateful for all y'all's patience while I hack my way through the bramble-patch of ideas that've been overrunning my final project paper.

I haven't sketched, other than for The Book of Hours project, in a while...and need to. Haven't messed around with poetry either.

But I should have a final draft of the paper ready to go by tonight, and my friend Beth is coming by to help me cut mattes for the two-page spreads I'll present Monday night.

More to come...and you'll get to read the odd connections I discovered between my little project and Sol LeWitt's work, among other things.


lowenkopf said...

You'rejust barreling along.

Catnapping said...

excellent composition. i like the lines, and position. there's something organic...i dunno. there's something comforting in this.