Saturday, December 29, 2007

The restless grille

I spent two hours futzing around in various file hosting apps and in iMovie trying to edit an audio clip and embed it in the photo until I finally gave up.

So...another silent squib, despite the chrome-plated notes dancing restless on the Caddy's grille.

(I am grateful you come by to see what I've seen and to nibble on what I've read. Since I've been back doing the school thing, time to comment thoughtfully and with wit and verve has been pinched, but know that I appreciate your time visiting here and sharing your thoughts.)


"A highway runs through your dream. ..."

From "Patty Hearst Dreams of Persephone Lost On Cadillac Mountain" by Mary Stebbins Taitt


lowenkopf said...

The school thing, a lovely title in itself, will do that to us all.

Ways of seeing The School Thing:

1. A Stephen King novel
2. Someone for Abbott and Costello to meet in a B movie
3. A skeleton in Gore Vidal's closet
4. An unwanted item of clothing in pod's closet
5. The Dean of Graduate Studies
6. Passing over a klutz for tenure
7. The freshman fifteen-pound weight gain
8. The name of the special pizza at the local Italian restaurant

Synchronicity said...

love it! you always capture just the right feel with your photos. take your time posting as i still need to catch up!

San said...

Lori, happy journeying into 2008. May the dream highway be just bumpy enough to keep you awake...

raindog said...

vroom vroom. when i saw this i hummed a little taj mahal in my head. i've never heard smokin joe before. gonna check it out soon.

have a great new years.