Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wanting to write a poem


There’s the itch: this poem
no calamine for Old Scratch’s
wanderings, more a home
for what’s devilish to catch.

Of all my flea-bitten ideas,
this may be the most rash—
find friction in desire’s gears
and write the luciferous flash.

Putting skin into the game,
this digging shallow trails;
scratching the surface frames
a rhymed scaffold with nails.


By the way, if you've not yet been to see the qarrtsiluni insecta issue, go now!


Pod said...

what's mine is yours
but you can keep your pruritus thanking you

am said...

"a rhymed scaffold with nails."

The images that your poems evoke are astonishing. Your daily photo images are poems. Your poems are paintings. Thank you so much!

San said...

"...a home/for what's devilish to catch..." Poetry, it's a contagious urge.