Monday, December 24, 2007

Playing in the mud

"...Where skies beneath us shine,
And earth by art divine
Another face..."

From "Shadows in the Water" by Thomas Traherne


am said...

Thanks for the links. There I found that Thomas Traherne said:

"You are as prone to love, as the sun is to shine."

Seeing your photo, I remember how good it felt to walk barefoot in the cool California mud in the ditch on the hill, near my house, when I was a child.

R.L. Bourges said...

"...Within the regions of the air,
Compassed about with heavens fair,
Great tracts of land there may be found
Enriched with fields and fertile ground;
Where many numerous hosts
In those far distant coasts,
For other great and glorious ends
Inhabit, my yet unknown friends."

Thanks to you for yet another discovery.
Thanks to Shelly for the sign post to your blog.
And thanks to optic fiber webs that link far distant coasts...


chris miller said...

Lori Rules !

Who else could make a beautiful shot out of a muddy ditch ?

Who else could find the perfect lines to accompany it ?