Saturday, July 26, 2008

American Mart

"...O my America, my long-lost land lady of
The hardening ground, the house neither ancient nor in
Good repair..."

From "Powers of Thirteen: 29 [An Old Song]" by John Hollander


lowenkopf said...

The shopping cart helps this image to happen. What a treasure! What a story this image tells pure subtext.

Dale said...


raindog said...

what a find, lori! i'm seeing a scene from tom robbins novel. great!

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all y'all!

Shelly: Glad you're enjoying the layers. Having started and lost one business to macroeconomic waves a while back, I have lots of empathy for others whose biz has gone bust. But...that huge flag! What feeling prompted that statement? And that lonesome shopping cart, left behind in the last gasp of their business...

Dale: Seen on the way to the Eugene airport, with a brand-new tract housing development (one of the very few in Eugene) nearby. I'm guessing their dreams of enough traffic for commerce met an end in some confluence of development delays and bad timing.

Raindog: Thanks much! Hey, if I keep finding things like this, I may have to upgrade my skills -- it was a near thing to get an exposure that worked enough for Photoshop editing.