Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spirit dwells

"Bashō says the body is composed of one hundred bones and nine
Within which flimsy structure the spirit dwells. ..."

From "Midsummer" by Nicholas Christopher


R.L. Bourges said...

curious to know where that building stands. The colors and detailing remind me of things I see every day over here ( but the bottom layer of brick? pure americana)

Nicholas Christopher: thanks for the new find, Lori. Anybody who's into Catullus, Yannis Ritsos, Seferis and film noir sounds like he's worth investigating further.

Dale said...


lowenkopf said...

The clouds reflected in the panes, the angle of view, the symmetry of lines, and the instinct to crop as the image now stands--they all become prism for the theme of the collection. Which is to say, Another winner here.

raindog said...

mmmm ... mighty nice. does one need to be in tx to capture such sweet architecture. i got nothin here.