Saturday, July 05, 2008

Things to do

This was one place I saw when we pulled off the road leading back to Fort Davis from McDonald Observatory. The bird-song-spangled quiet stretched so far it exceeded the edges of my horizon. I noticed a slight movement -- cows and calves, far off, grazing.


As I'm pulled back into my work, my home life, the things I do here, I make these notes to myself to remember things to do will include more time spent in places like this.

Thanks to all y'all for tagging along.


Dale said...


lowenkopf said...

We need to be able to get to places such as this, even if it is a quick visit by Lori photo. Nevertheless, the impression is lasting.

Reminds one of a Curtis.

Pod said...

it looks wonderfully calming there.
i hope you're feeling the same

Pedro said...

This photo is great. I don´t know why (maybe the westerns) but Texas had a special place in my kid imagination.
I just reread "On the Road" (JK) and found out how little I know about USA geography.
Your fotos help my imagination.

Anonymous said...

I drove through that area as a side trip on a drive from Florida to Las Vega and back. It is a beautiful place, and you've made a nice picture of it.

I wandered in her via Via Negativa.