Friday, July 25, 2008

Pump bones

"...At this hour, what is dead is restless
and what is living is burning. ..."

From "This Hour and What Is Dead" by Li-Young Lee


lowenkopf said...

O, talk to me about splendid. Pod has show you his treasures. No, you have found your own. A lovely infusion of gears, wheels, dials, and weeds.

Susanna said...

I think I finnaly took a picture worthy to be seen by you. I call it, Lizard on bridge rebar.

hope all is well.

Granny J said...

One wonders why the new-looking meter in the midst of long ago fixtures.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi folks!

Shelly: You can thank my brother for this one. I spotted it on the way to a family picnic in Oregon, but had no time to stop. On the way to the airport for my return to Austin, my bro remembered how much I wanted to snag some pixels, and planned enough time for me to jump out and do so.

Susangelique: Wayyyyy cool lizard! Good spotting!

Granny J: I suspect these people just put a slightly shinier surface on some old pump bits in an effort to keep selling, and when the place fell apart, we fans of entropy could see the rusty guts.

Willie Baronet said...

I don't know which I like better, the pic or the title?? Sweet!

p.s. Lots of new photos on my flickr, some are on my blog. Check the San Francisco and flower sets. :-)