Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At my feet

The graffitist used some sort of reflective paint --
Mr. Bones was positively glowing.


Shane said...

How many passed him by.
Mr Bones appreciated your attention.

I like this one and also intrigued by
I started down a path post. Looks like lots of opportunity for images their to be captured.

I've made a link to you as a Shutterbug as I've taken a gander in your other previous post and I like what I've seen. Keep on clickin'

Willie Baronet said...

Love dem bones! Great shot, as always. :-)

WCTs said...

Oh, dear that is me in the manhole of the workforce.
Please let me win the lottery!

ThomP said...

Nice spotting! Crazy urban world...

Thanks for coming over for tea yesterday:)

ThomP said...

PS. Thanks for da linkee from you an yours to me and mine:)

Lori Witzel said...

Kewl -- a virtual tea party near the rusty manhole cover with a grinning skelly!

Lyn, if you win the lottery, we expect you'll buy us all fresh biscuits to enjoy with our tea!

Shane, will post a few more from the "I started down a path" location. I am very lucky to find what I do, and there is more to share.

Anonymous said...

ahoy. i like pirates. :)