Monday, March 20, 2006



Willie Baronet said...

Speaking of unstrung, how's Andy? :-) Love this image, and the one of the 3 figures below! And let me guess, who gave you the Sinatra song you took camping with you??

Have a great day!

TheTart said...

Is that silly string?

Fun one... that could be my mental state on the ground. Come by to cast your opinion. ; )

The Tart

Ps. Am living your carnival... close to done!

ThomP said...

Now that is cool. So very subtle and really well taken. You never cease to impress:)

Rikki said...

i loves it :)

Lori Witzel said...

Tons of thanks, all.
I was wondering how these more unstrung things would affect y'all.

Willie, thanks as ever for the positives, and for gigging Andy. (And yeah, you guessed right!)

Miz Tart, don't spend too much time unravelling a meaning -- you'll lose the thread!

ThomP, aw shucks. I'm just lucky I can waste time on a weekend in ways that make you smile.

Rikki, glad you came to see! Don't be a stranger, just be strange and return!

JMPerkins said...

thanks for yout kind comment lori. I very much enjoy your blog, you have an incredible gift for discovering and framing arresting images, keep up the good work!