Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blue Plate Special


Andy Spiegel said...

And doesn't that loam buffet look delicious !!! If it were a Chinese buffet, it would be lo mein.

Lori Witzel said...

Ohhhhh ||| klunk ||| pun-stunned again!!!

Willie Baronet said...

That is a person being creative. What a wonderful image! And what a bad pun by Andy!

Amy said...

what a great idea

TheTart said...

Lori, you wild Tart!

You are making me come out of the closet and show my Shabby Chic/Rachel Ashwell self. Love these cool plates... one year I took multi colored funky tea cups and planted all kinds of seeds in them... my own arboretum. Tomatos get BIG, FYI.

This is so cool... can't wait to see what post Thurs. Still lovin the painted wall below.. a lot!
The Tart

Ps Thxs for the Bld Date advice, much appreciated, natch!! Now what SHOES???

ThomP said...

Nice colour. I think you may have inspired me to start my own photo blog.. I'll think about it. Keep up the wonder!

Lori Witzel said...

Thomp, go gather!
I'm happy I've inspired you!

I think of my camera as the little magic shaman's bag where I can put all the amazing homely pretty things I see and take 'em out to share.

Can't wait to see what you see.

(And an ongoing shout-out to der Spiegel for getting me in this fine mess.)

ThomP said...

Coolies. My shaman is called NABOO