Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The dance imperative


pamdbigd said...

these tiny moments - you capture these tiny perfect moments in time.....just love it. And I WILL get that camera! Thanks for your note!

Can I add you to my link list and will you send me the url? I'm still figuring this stuff out, tiny bit by TINY bit, but enjoying it!

Andy Spiegel said...

You're welcome
You're welcome
You're welcome

Lori Witzel said...

Pam -- yes, let's link up -- all you need to do is add me in your template (Blogger has easy-peazy instructions for how to do this, and it's -- tiny is good!

And Der Spiegel -- de nada x 3.
:-) (What a gawd-awful pun, wish I made it!)

ThomP said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA I lurve it:) You bring colour to the world my girl... COLOUR (proper spelling!!!) TO THE WORLD:)

Willie Baronet said...

It is imperative! And one of my resolutions for 2006. Dance more! :-)

lydia said...

They are just SO demanding! Well, you can't make me! Besides I think it's now illegal in Bush's America, no? They're watching and you might get arrested.