Sunday, March 26, 2006



Mehlika said...

thank you lori for your comment on my monster, and yes it is the gullet :) tou have very interesting stuff on your blog, worth following daily

TheTart said...

YOU are 4 sure a TART! This is beautiful, really beautiful. Maybe my most favorite, natch! I love the starry thingys too... lovely!

The Tart

BTW... I have a favor to ask! Would you change your setting to allow a pop-up box for comments? That way while a Tart comments she can still see your great art! Many thx for the small favor... ; )

Lori Witzel said...

Tarts asks, and she recieves...

Thanks for the "attagals" -- never know what you'll find (Naiads? Nymphs? Monsters?) when you pull off at a low-water crossing.

TheTart said...

Oh, you are too nice! Happy day. Can comment and view your wonderful stuff, as it should be!

Have a great week... as rrramone would say:
Have a glorious day!

The Tart