Monday, June 26, 2006

The courtesy of advance notice


Dave MacIntyre said...

Ha!!! Great shot...I think I'd skip that event too!

Anonymous said...

Lori, you're something else! I'm still chuckling over this.

micki said...

Oh, I need me some identity theft! Is it free??

Betcha' Leno would put this on his Monday night show!

MjM said...

Have you seen this?

Anyway, great blog. Is chatoyance sort of like clairvoyance?

Your blog is what I imagined back when I first thought about having a blog - only better!


(And you actually did it - I kinna got sidetracked)


MjM said...

Well, seeing as how I can't find an email address for you, I'll answer you here...

"I may even have to link to you, just so I can remember to visit you more often. Is that okay with you?"

Excellent! I'd be pleased to have a link from y'all.

"Figured it was as good a name as any for someone slightly obsessed with light (in all literal and metaphorical ways."

I too am obsessed with light. I mostly like early morning or late afternoon sunlight on rusting hulks of machinery. Check out

Your blog! Your vision. How do you find some many fascinating things to photograph?


Karen McL said...

Hmmm...been there, done that. Next!



Lori Witzel said...

Glad y'all got the same grin I did -- was out driving around with a friend, and we saw this just when church was letting out. Had to wander further until most of the folks left the parking lot. Beth and I just about bust a gut laughing.

mjm, I love the wit behind the church sign generator -- but how much sweeter to find these things "in the wild" as it were!

Hope y'all's week is filled with laughing out loud (in a good way) moments!

tiffini elektra x said...

Fabulous - Mmmm identity theft!