Friday, June 16, 2006



...a fresh photo here.

What would it be?
Do tell!

More pix to come, as soon as I get a new battery and powersupply for my PowerBook.

Meanwhile, please go look at this wonderful textile artist's work.

Met her today, and had a lovely chat.
Her work is freakin' awesome.


Anonymous said...

A photo of twilight--anywhere, anything, as long as you get that light. Hmm, this sounds like a request ;D.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Ah that sucks bad karma...just bad luck. Thanks for stopping by despite your own computer woes...hope to see you back up and running pronto.

Tanya said...

A photo of an outdoor cafe or a table on the sidewalk in an old town or village. I'm thinking in France or Italy or
Spain. There is an older couple enjoying a meal and glass of wine who obviously know every detail of the other one. It's right at dusk and the evening of possibilities is approaching.

Tricky Trev said...

It's a piccie of those freaks from Chernobyl that I asked you for in your "Closed and locked" post.

Sucks about the power supply. But hey, a dead Mac is still better than a virus ridden PeeCee.