Monday, June 12, 2006

Sun shine


Khristina said...

So much light. Everywhere you see light. I could come to this blog to get a tan or to lift the fog of my soul. Lori, here are more waves of light. More undulating luster. How did the word 'chatoyance' come to you? Did you recognize it or did some else make the connection between your particular eye for the world and that lovely, lovely term of art? I find also this shot a little naughty somehow...peeking under the skirts of a red lady motorcylce.

TheTart said...

Hey can I hava ride? Nice sparkly pic. ; )

Bout the Self-P Marathon ... hop over to Crack Skull Bobs for the rooolz. Links at my bloggy. Please join, K?

The Tart
; )

Dave MacIntyre said...

Stunning chrome and colour on this bike....awesome shot!!!!

Karen McL said...

My lawn guy has a FAB Kawasaki he had reworked and say it can go 190-275 (and he's trying to get it to a track to run it full-out to determine it's top speed.)

I should have taken a pic when he rode by the other day...but DRAT I forgets.

Nice shot!

Keith said...

Triumph Rocket III
2300cc, 145bhp

Cool bike... even better shot. Triumph has a way of making transportation into art, and you brought it out very well.

oh and Karen mcl: your lawn guy is pulling your chain. I don't care how reworked it is, unless he means 275 kph (in which case that's actually pretty slow) that bike, which I assume is either a ZX-10R, a ZX-12R or a ZX-14, won't even come close. 190 possibly, 200 maybe.


micki said...

Someone is taking good care of their machine! Nice shot.