Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Am still posting, in however fragmented a form, from a friendly working laptop. I'll be winging out of town early Wednesday, and I thought I'd share some contrails with you.

And thanks for the comments and support while I'm wrassling with fubarbarity. It's very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

fine contrails! have a good and safe trip

Anonymous said...

Lori the Fubarbarian.
Lori the Conqueror: Kernel Panic.

Coming to you from the afterlife, by Robert E. Howard.

Bill Z said...

you've been tagged!

to see what this means check my blog

(sorry, hope this doesn't add to your difficulties!)

MjM said...

Sorry about your Colonel.

Have a great trip and I look forward to your posting upon return. I'm betting you're coming back with great sketches and photos - that is, I guess unless they actually expect you to work on this trip :)


Ernesto said...

It sucks when a tool we depend so heavily on fails... I used to get very upset whenever something like that happened to me. Now I think I take things easier, but of course that we would have to see until something like it happens to me again. Are you a mac user?

polona said...

sorry about your comp but love the contrail link.
have a good and safe trip.

Mauricio said...

Hello Lori!

The all places :o(

Take care

hugs from Brazil

am said...

Hope your trip is a good one. I imagine you drawing at every opportunity. Sorry to hear about the computer problems. Thanks for the link to contrails and clouds. I had not heard that word "contrails" before. Recently I took a sunrise photograph which had orange contrails which took the distinct shape of an arrow pointing south.

jarvenpa said...

"Cloud appreciation society"! Love it.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Yikes....nothing worse than broken down hardware. Good luck Lori!