Friday, January 26, 2007

Still traveling, but a poem happened


An angular momentum, my slant
point of view draws me away
from center: look up and clerestory
windows slice a high-rise into
tangrams, look straight ahead
and meat-and-bone geometries
jay-walk across my field of view.
Still, I’m looking for something
more elusive, that place where “eye”
and “I” shimmer like the mirage
they are, rush and recede along
longitudes tethered to every
vanishing point, converging on
something infinite and whole.


Another day of travel and work, and back home very late. I hope I'll be able to troubleshoot my poor sick Mac and resolve the issues by the end of the day Saturday. Then I could resume sharing images as well as words. Stay tuned...and thanks for the support, y'all!


Ed Maskevich said...

And in this geometric forest
an infinitley large circle
is seen as a straight line and
two parallel lines
at the point of infinity.

raindog said...

nice writing.

a sick mac? say it ain't so lori. guess i automatically assumed your troubles were of a non-apple nature. i hope its nothing serious. i'm fairly proficient at troubleshooting macs ... let me know if i can help in anyway.

Unknown said...

"...An angular momentum, my slant
point of view..." "clerestory windows..." "longitudes tethered..."
Wow, simply quite fine.
(My site's down incidentally, as it's being transferred)

Anonymous said...

Colonel Panic
Infernal Manic
Charnel Tannic

Luck with the kernel panic!

Amy said...

that i saw a picture from glasgow today that would have accompanied this beautifully... amazing really.

good luck re: pesty computers

Pod said...

reminds me a little of one of my photos...

Larry Ayers said...

Hi, Lori! I can't think of any other poems which have used the word "tangrams", but the image was clear and powerful.

I'm looking forward to your Mac problems being resolved and the resultant new photos which will be a welcome side-effect.

Anonymous said...

I'm tuned, I'm tuned! Can't wait to see Lori sketches when you can post them.

Tanya said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog to see more details! Can't wait to find out the weird things about you!

Lori Witzel said...

Hey everyone! As old-school Texans say down here, "boy howdy! am I frustrated!" Have to ship my Mac back for hardware repair, so image-sharing (at least with anything that needs a scanner or Photoshop prep) will be crippled for a while. That said, I'll be looking at your blogs soon...and if there's something I write that's worth sharing, I'll share.

BTW -- home email is still accessible through my Webmail connection, so feel free to email me at
lwitzel (at) austin (dot) rr (dot) com

Ed: Nice -- gave me vertigo. I love that non-Cartesian POV. (One of my favorite shapes is, of course, the Mobius strip.)

Raindog: Thanks. And even Macs get sick. My husband worked for a couple of years recently doing tech support for Apple, so they do indeed sometimes bust. And although he doesn't care for being Mr. Home Tech Support, his assessment -- hardware gone bad -- seems to be agreed upon by current Apple Help. But thanks for your offer, it's incredibly frustrating to go through losing my image-sharing tools for a time.

Ref: Thanks so much! Hope your travels weren't travails...and I'll pop by to see if you're up and running.

Marly: Raddled hammock. Well, I'm not a Happy Camper about the popped kernel, but am busy counting my many other blessings...will pop by in a while. Thanks for your witty support. I sense chickens nearby...

Amy: Thanks for the support, and send me a comment with a link (if possible) to that image, would love to see it!

Pod: I guess to me it's all one medium. (And am instantly flooded with bad puns about psychics, hamburgers, etc. See what you do?)

Larry: Thanks tons...arg arg arg about the 'puter, but this too shall pass. Must get out and get more memory cards today...

Laura: Thanks so very much for being so fine-tuned! :-) Will stop by and see what you've been up to -- and feel free to email me re: San Antonio. Need to block the time on my work calendar if it's not a weekend...

Trixie: You evil person! Weirdness abounds, and will post re: that tag soon.

Dave said...

Good one.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that you are looking for Larvikite?