Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Working and practicing

Remember him?

I did see him at that life drawing class, but he was busy working in the studio space above the session and decided not to come in and sketch.

Went to see his work when the model took a short break, and it made me think "what if Georges Braque were mashed up with Luis Jimenez and some cartoonists, and they decided to paint rodeo cowboys?"

But he has nothing posted online, so I need to ask if I could take a pic of one of his paintings.

In any case, I got crazy-brave and decided to try watercolor, in order to dig a bit deeper into color practice and to begin/restart my painting experience.

First, I roughed in the "bones" of the drawing using a light colored pencil on watercolor paper.

Then, sitting on the couch while Mur read and the cats hovered, I set down some marks and areas. The intense attentional focus left me reeling a bit -- for me, at least right now, there is no automaticity without a high degree of effort-filled attention.

More to come.


Pedro said...

The begining is promising.

Ed Maskevich said...

This is just way too cool. It reminds me of both Larry Rivers and some of the color pencil work of David Hockney. Great stuff, keep it up!

MB said...

I love seeing this in process. Thank you!

polona said...

how interesting! yes, it's very nice to see your work in process.
looking forward to more.