Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rainy-day dock


Anonymous said...

Ah the *straight and narrow*

Looks almost like walking the planks.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I used to love those black tyres when I brought my boat up against a jetty like that. Nice black marks all down the topsides! Better than scratches though :o)

Great pic, as ever, lori.

Susanna said...

wow, that is so cool. You make me want to get a digital camera so I can take some cool pictures of weirdness or more so human ingenuity. Things like this just make me reval in the human spirit.

blog queen said...

Hey Lori,

I found you through Marly's site. I too am an artist/photographer/teacher.

I have been here before lurking and looking at your wonderful stuff, but finally decided to say hi.

Come visit my blog sometime and I will keep checking yours. I'm at

By the way did you get ice? We did for a bit but then it turned to rain.

Anonymous said...

Lori I am so taken by this photo the images and sounds it conjures within me take me back to days of childhood.

Amy said...

this makes me think of rubber baby buggy bumpers... but of course, that's of connection.. hehe... like your blog!

MjM said...

Awesome. I can feel the cold and the wet and the stark beauty of it all.