Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fubar! !@#$%^&!

Major crash upon crash (my husband said it was "kernel panic")...and after some fix attempts, he suggested I reinstall the OS. Of course, I left all those CDs in my laptop case at the office.

So, much to my freaked-out frustration, no images will likely be posted today. And with another business trip tomorrow (no ice in the forecast) I may not be back among the land of daily art until this weekend.


If this is the worst life offers, I am indeed a lucky woman.
(But !@#$%^&! nonetheless.)


Ed Maskevich said...

What is the old saying? To err is human, to really screw-up you need a computer.

Anonymous said...

Kernel panic?

I like that, but not with computers. I prefer to think of it as something that happens under an oak tree.

Your interview is still getting traffic, so there's a nice thing.

Yes, you are a lucky woman: husband, cats, and Texas for a start.

Unknown said...

I find those situations rather invigorating, back as far as DOS 1.0 and ones I seem to experience perhaps every couple of months or so. It's odd though as I've nothing unusual on my desktop, save a jury-rigged Royal 440 upright typewriter attached as a keyboard and infrequent visits to

On an uncharacteristic serious note, I find odd that these things actually happen after all these years of personal computing and do wonder what a neophyte does when they do occur. Last year I used a crash as an excuse to blow a chapter deadline which worked a couple of times, until my editor sent me a spanking new laptop and said it was no longer "excusable" to claim I couldn't use my wife's sytem because I was intimidated by women.

"Kernal panic" is, indeed, a stressful situation. It's so difficult to get them out of your teeth.

Hope there's scotch on hand.

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm so sorry Lori... hope you are back showing us your creations soon! Evil computers!

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

Sorry Lori..I have a safe trip. I look forward to more of your art when you return.

Mise said...

Infuriating...I know. :S