Friday, January 12, 2007

"Indelible" / Ink

It was a long busy day in Witzel-ville, and my thought -- "When I get home, I'll just sketch the cats and Murry" -- turned out not to be a good one. Those silly rascals were zipping in and out of my line of sight, or posing like fur-covered meatloaves with their backs to me. And Mur was cranky and grumbly related to some after-work work he had to do.

But I needed to sketch at least one time.

Then I recalled some amazing photos of homeless people I saw on Flickr by a man named Tom Stone, and found one that my pen said "Yes!" to.

I hope you'll click on those links -- you really should see Tom's work.


Ed Maskevich said...

WOW! The link is strong and sobering. About 4 years ago I saw an exhibit at a church of homeless people. What a contrast. Beautifully executed portraits of the poor and homeless. If you are not familiar with the work of Diane Arbus you should check her out. She also photographed fringe people. Hers were not of the homeless but of people who were very different, i.e. dwarfs, giants, carnival workers, the appalachin poor, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's marvellous work by Tom Stone, Lori. Thanks for the link.

jarvenpa said...

Yes, I clicked on the link. Amazing and compassionate photos. I would swear that a few of these have been through my area--your Kat looks very familiar, and that was indeed the name of a young girl who was here briefly two or three years ago...though that Kat we tried to get back to her mom in Portland. Came across her one winter night huddled crying near a garbage can in an alley. My big yellow lab just moved on over next to her and lay his head in her lap. It is a good thing to walk the by ways with a compassionate dog in tow.

Anonymous said...

I lose myself in your sketches :)