Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seeps and flows

"...Still, there are strains of darkness
dear to light. I found a photograph
under the couch. ..."

From Ghost Notes by Ralph Burns


lowenkopf said...

You do know where to go for the good stuff.

Susanna said...

I cant hardley tell if that is a picture or some avant gaurd picture hanging in a gallery.

chris miller said...

I agree with the girl in the blue hat -- and this one's a real koan -- i.e. the sense of space asserts - disappears - asserts - disappears.

It's driving me nuts.

(and I can't believe you're crawling around on the floor - looking for shots like this one)

Lori Witzel said...

Hi folks!

Shelly -- Wander around the oldest part of a physical plant on a university campus, and you too shall see lots of things becoming one through oxidation. :-)

Susangelique -- Yeah, ain't it trippy? It's just a corner near a driveway near a utilities building, and yet...

Chris -- That was why I stopped, and crouched down closer; you're seeing the odd shifting that I saw. Makes one wonder about how real anything real is; after all, if some concrete and a drainpipe can do that, what on earth is going on? (For a grown woman with a fresh year on her, I'm sure not behaving like a grown-up. It is amazing the places and contortions I'll get into just to see reality curl up at the corners a bit.)