Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reds, off-whites, blues

"...(we were like

scrimshaw) (you were one of the ones covered with flags

and lady liberty)..."

From "Blue Oxen" by Dara Weir


lowenkopf said...

The eye sometimes sees what the heart cannot yet grasp. In this wedding of text and image, you show us how it's done.

am said...

Lori, there is an exhibit of abstract drawings and paintings at our local county museum. Just saw one of those lively paintings by Hans Hoffmann, too! Synesthesia. Makes me think of Kandinsky, who thought of color and music together.

Thank you for linking to Dara Weir. Have been liking your photos paired with poems.

MjM said...

Never overlook the value of fairie-lights when enhancing the historic ambience of a hundred-some-odd year-old facade.