Friday, July 13, 2007


I think this one's better larger, so do click on the image...


MjM said...

I love dragonflies.

I love summer.

I hate "Back-to-school" sales.

Long live summer!

Pedro said...

Beautiful! The definition and transparency of the wings is marvelous.

Dana S. Whitney said...

That must be SOME zoom/resolution you've got! Looks like you still have clouds, too.

Pod said...

this wonderful. i love the blurry water and the iridescent blue of the draginfly. i love them, i am sure they hold some meaning for me somewhere...

Anonymous said...

It's a baby dragonfly!
On a baby bud!
I love it!

Larry said...

Nice, Lori! Did you use a tripod for the shot?

Lori Witzel said...

Hi dear friends -- not much equipment for this image (or for most any of what I catch.)

I am foolishly tripod-averse. I say "foolishly" because it limits what I can catch, but lugging something around that requires me to plant myself and fiddle, rather than respond and move on, just hasn't been appealing.

As far as zoom, or macro, or most anything else to bring the point of view nearer or further, if it's not what I can catch with my one 17-55mm lens, it's not meant for me to catch.

I do lean in and out and hold my breath and belly down and bend back lots, though -- I sort of embody what zoom and macro I need.

Why not get more equipment? Just stubborn, I guess.

I want to focus on the "seeing" -- and putting more focus on the tool, while not a bad thing, would draw my energy away from that moment of really looking.

It's hard enough for me to see things without the added complexity of a tool frame of mind, but good for those who can juggle both!