Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wet canna

"...All that we know, that we're
made of, is motion."

From "Nothing Stays Put" by Amy Clampitt


chris miller said...

This one looks like a self portrait

raindog said...

you can almost hear it screaming, 'sun, gimme sun!' ... nice photo, ms. w!

Lori Witzel said...

Hi guys -- curling up in the cool pixel glow of the laptop for a bit, always glad to see y'all's comments!

Chris: Big :-) And of course, every one of 'em is a self-portrait...

Raindog: Doncha know? The subtropicals like canna have been managing in all our rain, but they're still hollering for a bright hot sunlit day. (Thanks for the compliment!)

jarvenpa said...

If your canna (photo with a lot of grace here) wants more sunlight it could send some of your Texas rain out to northern California. It hardly ever rains in August--but think how happy we'd be.
And I promise, I'd run around declaring it a Texan gift.

(your word verification looks a bit patriotic and secretive: usanmf) Hmmm.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Lovely shot Lori! The perspective really works well here.