Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More pipe dreams

"...again the surface,
which is gorgeous, of course,
which is glue, saw- and stone-dust,
which is blue-gray
ice, which is
the barely glinting grit
of abyss."

More from "The Gorgeous Surfaces" by Thomas Lux, who is, according to Access Atlanta, making poetry safe for engineers.


Pedro said...

Of course I am suspect but I really see a lot of poetry in this kind of industrial complex sistems and apparatus. I like to work this aestetic everyday theme.

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo.

Lee said...

I wonder if they knew those pipes were so good looking when they were putting them in?...industrial stuff is one of my favorite in function...great capture Lori :)

lowenkopf said...

Sign me up for the pipes as well. I am all over the place, shooting joints and junctions that probably have some name to engineers and building planners but tap into my enthusiasm on some primal, inchoate way.

I do appreciate your visits.

MB said...

Yeah, those pipes with their sinuous curves and satin lusters — but look at that sky, that's the surface that gets me.