Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pink stucco balustrade

"At the edge of heaven the sun rises and the moon sets,
Beyond the balustrade, the mountains are deep and the waters cold."

As found in Shodo Harada Roshi's post regarding Setcho Zenji's commentary on the second case of the Blue Cliff Record.


Mauricio said...

Muy lindo!

Muito bonito!


See you Lori, take care

Pedro said...

Beautiful green.

Laureline said...

The peachy, pockmarked stucco juxtaposed with the deep green sheen of water and both peach and green in the peekaboo flowers----exquisite.

amber said...

This is a damn strong composition I love it!!

chris miller said...

So here you are -- in the first post after you announce yourself as student, immediately you perform the role of teacher -- and now I have to hunt down a copy of Blue Cliff Record to keep up with the class.

jarvenpa said...

Yes, the peach flowers, the stucco--you have such a good eye, and how nice of you to share with the world.