Tuesday, December 18, 2007

North fork of the San Gabriel

"...immersed in the details of rock and field and slope --letting them
come to you for once, and then meeting them halfway..."

From "For John Clare" by John Ashbery


am said...

Thanks for these images of sunlit water during the darkest time of year in the far northwest corner of Washington State.

lowenkopf said...

I could do some serious contemplation here. Much more than I do where I am.

San said...

Mesmerizing photo, with its murky depths, its varying levels of reflection. And the Ashberry quote is perfect. I haven't read that poem in years. I'm inspired to re-read it. When I get home, and have a quiet moment, maybe I'll pull it off the shelf.

Synchronicity said...

YES! i have been looking for blogs that offer a peaceful respite. and this is it! thank you.

Reya Mellicker said...

So many worlds in this image. Wow!

Love Monday's, too ... the horizon in astrology is called the angle of karma. Ain't it so true??