Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What I found once I started down

The very lonely skeleton of a carousel.

Strange giraffe patterns inside.


TheTart said...

Oh so sad! There is a way to make it a happy place...

Pass that photo over to me if you dare... I would be happy to give it some color, then Willie can give it some lines & Trixi can provide some flowers!

Double-dog dare U !!!

The Tart

HARDWAX said...

Both these photos are depressing and interesting to view, especially carousel, all the carousel ponies and the children that rode them, many ghosts here.

ThomP said...

Alice is still on the acid you know... She wanders and works, getting money for showing her face. She built a holiday home with all the phone numbers from the drunk men. It goes round and round and round and round and round and round and round. The cat in the hat became the cat in the welding mask and he collects his favourite bits of metal. He bolts them to the outside of his house so he doesn't forget where they are... The metal house creeeeks when the sun comes out and reminds them both that the sun hasn't exploded yet. They continue sipping tea and looking just past each other...

WCTs said...

Thomp, how does he know these things. Lori-neat pics, sad, but neat!


Lori Witzel said...

Thomp, I couldn't have said it better. (Maybe because only you could have said it?)

I walked around the back of a big old rust-lichened building, turned a corner, and was face to face with the carousel. (Marked off so I couldn't get close -- just as well.)

It froze my heart. So sad.

Had to share, but also know it carries some weight.