Thursday, January 11, 2007

Invisible worm

I stopped to look and catch because I was very attracted by the backlight making stained glass windows of the greens.

But when I cleaned the image up in Photoshop, I saw the worm.

Of course it made me think of Blake.

See it? If not, click on the image and look for a very small curve -- a tiny green crooked finger -- at the lower center.


raindog said...

so many good things about this one ...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that line sound like so many things in life?

"But when I cleaned the image up in Photoshop, I saw the worm."

Like the greens, the light, the thinking of Blake!

jarvenpa said...

It seems to be a charmingly happy worm, though.


Not a worm, but a caterpillar.

Lori Witzel said...

For all my new friends and passers-by stopping here from the Circus of the Spineless...yes, it is indeed a caterpillar, not a worm.

But I figured that Blake and inaccuracy is, in this case, more poetic -- I hope those among you who prize accuracy in invertebrates are not too bothered.