Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Out of the loop

Ice permitting, I'm off on a business trip and won't be back posting until Saturday. (And if ice does not permit, I'll be looped back in sooner...)

Happy creative energy, y'all!


Dave said...

Awesome photo, Lori!

raindog said...

lovely! great photo/title combo.

Belinha Fernandes said...

Hello!!Have a nice trip!Still no cake?!!:-(I read the interview!!:-)

Dave MacIntyre said...

Love it! Simple as that....

Pod said...

i suspected that you were a bit loopy......

Ratzfatz said...

Hi Lori,
thank you for visiting my blog. At the moment I am a bit busy to. I will look your blogs on the weekend! Have a nice time ...
Greetings from Frankfurt

Ratzfatz said...

Hi Lori,
that is my third try to post a comment :-( I hope succecfully .... thank you for visiting my blog. I am a busy to at the moment, but I will come back a the weekend ... Have a nice time!
Greetings from Frankfurt

Unknown said...

I am.

Cuchulainn said...

As simple as you can get, simple and beautifull, goodwork Lori

Lee said...

hope you are fairing the ice and cold well, the simplicity of this shot!

Anonymous said...

So much

a yellow

with rain

white chickens.


So much depends

a yellow

with rain

the blue hose.


Hmm. Something's not quite right. Now I'm missing the dratted chickens.

Mise said...

Lovely blue, Lori. But it's your eye I wish I could borrow! :D

ThomP said...

I wish I was in it. It being the loop, and I being me. What was I talking about.

The loop is a self crossing path. Most people take the short cut and never enter the loop. They put no weight in sentimentality or importance behind adventure... They are born to be beige irrelevant middle management, but the do get there quicker.

get zapped said...

Very cool shot! Is it a garden hose?

Lori Witzel said...

Hi everybody -- well, ice didn't permit, and so I've stayed in town with a bad case of cabin fever.

Dave: Glad you thought so -- I couldn't take it anymore and walked out onto our back porch (typical suburban slab), looked down and There It Was.

Raindog: I get lucky sometimes, and thanks!

Belinha: At Long Last, we got cake!!! Yum yum yum, and thanks so much for that unexpected treat!

Dave Mac: Ditto what I wrote for Raindoggy -- I was a bit worried this was too simple, am glad to get the affirmation!

Pod: Miz Worzel-Thingamabob says, "You don't know the half of it..." I am so glad to see you pop your Podness on by!

Ratzfatz: Welcome, and I sure do like your work! Am so glad to "meet" you and glad you stopped by.

Ref: H*** yes. :-)

Cuchulainn: So nice to "see" you again, and thanks! Hope all is well with you.

Lee: It's been exciting here -- who knew 1/4" of frozen precip could bring a modern city to its knees? -- but all is fine. Stay warm and happy, and thanks for the compliment!

Marly: I can find you chickens. I just can't get them out into light bright enough to catch and share. And thanks for making me laugh until I thought feathers would come out my nose.

Mise: You're back in Blog-ville! Yay! Well, the eye is a bit old and needs reading glasses, but my mind is askew as always...thanks.

ThomP: Aw shucks, there you go cracking me up while making me think while making me imagine beige irrelevancies.

Getzapped: Welcome! And thanks -- yes, one way I make loads of time for art (said very tongue-in-cheek) is to neglect my garden and yard (alas, too true.) That's one of my poor stray hoses, frozen onto our back porch. The other one is setting on the front drive, inciting my husband's cusses.

Pod said...

the only thing that made me think of worzel gummage was the other features, fear not!! thank you for the image link, i think i was mildly traumatised by worzel as a child....perhaps it has something to do with being Pod of Odd

Willie Baronet said...