Friday, August 24, 2007

A divine knock-knock joke


You overestimate us. I at least have
Longed for that feather on occasion, knowing
Deep down that one must never ask for it. ..."

From "The Changing Light at Sandover" by James Merrill


lowenkopf said...


Jon said...

Never doubt the dinosaurian nature of birds.

But my own nature wonders if he's waiting for his date to answer.

Or if it's his own reflected beauty that he wants to join.

am said...

I love this photo and O LEAVE BEHIND THE FEATHER OF PROOF. Your photos are a daily revelation. Thanks so much, Lori.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey y'all (I suppose I should change it up and write "Hey youse guys" but it wouldn't have the same cachet):

Shelly -- *snork* Had to scratch deep to get the joke, but I did! (And "Orange." back to ya.)

Jon -- I think he was entranced/annoyed by his reflection. Either that, or he wanted to get to work on some 3-D art, since the door opens to a sculpture classroom.

am -- Well, thanks! It was a revelation for me to wander an art school grounds yesterday, and find a peacock eyeing me back. And I can't recommend James Merrill enough -- his work's indescribable.

Dale said...

Wow. I've been away for a while -- what a stunning bunch of photos (and tags for them!) Thank you.

Dave MacIntyre said...

No way! That is too funny! :D

Two Dishes said...

I love Jon's comments above.

I saw a male peacock flying in a film about evolution. Darwin was confounded to the point of cursing by the peacock, a seeming contradiction of survival fitness.

The solution was only recently discovered, in studies where the male's tail beauty is actually a good advertiser of his other genes fitness! A woman in Australia did the research.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Gorgeous AND funny.
Are you really an omnivorous poetry reader, or do you search for snippets that go with the photos? Mine tend to be more cliched, and it is sort of embarrasing.

MjM said...

Pea, who?