Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The feather of proof

An age-wide thicket of seconds nudge
me, snag me, slow me: I’m burning back
dream-chaparral from the country of days, smudge
sun-up and sundown with this shaman’s sack
as we smoke out what’s unchanging from time.
Mirror, metal, glass and spark cache infinite
kindling—every surface, texture, rhyme,
the hot-carbon bone-baked elegy of minutes
ticking and cooling, snap-crackle-pop RGB
coals cleared from yesterday’s soot
by a gust of chained moments blown free,
pixels drifting around time’s buried root—
look: as the winged iris shutters and tracks
unsequenced grace, where nothing lacks.


lowenkopf said...

"...burning back/ dream chaparral..."

Difficult to decide whether this image or that damned wonderful door is the more memorable.

This post is a cyber service ace.

am said...

Wow again! Your sonnets are astounding. I can hear someone writing music for this one.

Not to mention how well it goes with the photo. A new word for me -- enjambment. Door jamb, I knew. Maybe I did hear the word before but it didn't sink in.

The door is various shades of Payne's Gray, one of my favorite watercolor colors. I did a series in Payne's Gray in late summer of 2002. Payne's Gray when applied thickly looks like black. When applied thinly, it can be shades of grey and even blue, depending upon the company that makes the paint. I think the Winsor & Newton brand is the one where Payne's Gray looks blue when it is watered down.

Jon said...

...and past the beauty of the image and the words I'm left with a question. What do you suppose those four new metal fasteners are holding up on the other side of the door?

John Eaton said...

Tabbified image and tasty lines, Lori.

Easy to musicate this one, if you decide to.

Like Leonard Cohen meets Tori Amos having coffee with Lucy Kaplansky.

John :)

Reya Mellicker said...

I've been so grateful to dip into poetry every day, along with your incredible photographs, but your poetry is the richest, most delicious.

This one, just like your poem about the bees, gets me where it really counts. I hope that makes sense.

THANK YOU. (That's the important part of this message.

jarvenpa said...

Wow, Lori. I've been tending my sick partner (now getting better at long last) this past month and missed lingering at your site (though I flitted quickly through sometimes).
This poem is lovely.
And I so like how you are matching/evoking poems with your photographs.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tasty! Good to see you posting some original lines. That kind of dense poem can be difficult to pull off, but I think you manage it.

chris miller said...

"winged iris shutters and tracks
unsequenced grace,
where nothing lacks."

That's you -- with your camera

(and isn't this one of the famous poetic rhythms ?)

Angela said...

This poem is incredible - nudge me, snag me, slow me. The description of time is brilliant and the end - wow. Thank you.