Monday, August 06, 2007

Picture window

"... Appearing to be silly, wisdom survives
Like tribes of superseded gods ..."

From "The Mad Potter" by John Hollander


Pythia3 said...

You have a curious and most intriguing "eye."
This is adorable, captivating and so artistically done.
:) Lindy

James-H said...

I love this. I go back and forth - drawn in and pulled back out. Terribly successful.

You might like some of this guy's stuff, Lori. He basically taught himself to take great pictures with a Nikon D70 on a roadtrip.

And see if you can find me!

Lori Witzel said...

Hi folks!

Pythia3 -- Well, I blush. Thanks. (And maybe I could go see an opthamologist about that eye...)

James -- Heh! I did see you! And you're right, he has the sort of observational gifts I so like, looking at the corners and bendy spaces around old things. Thanks for pointing me to his Plaidness!

raindog said...

very, very cool. i love those framed reflections. i may have even done a few myself, but you've got the edge. yours is framed with chickens, type and a very curious color combination. bravo!