Monday, August 20, 2007

Near the visitors' parking

"...making shadows
Where sunlight was, making words
Where there was only noise in the trees."

From "Looking Around, Believing" by Gary Soto


MjM said...

Leave it to you to make a trip to the dentist's dramatic.

Very nice shot - love how the shadow of the palms continues the shape of the palms onto the brick.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Wow. There is really a LOT going on in this photograph. At first I was thinking... oooh, wouldn't it be fun to paint. Then I got looking at all the textures, and contrasts, and colors and it just made me pooped to think about it.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi folks!

Mike -- *snork* Now that you mention it, it DOES look like that. I was actually getting my parking permit for the upcoming graduate school folly. (And thanks for the props!)

KPW -- Hence why I love my lil' camera -- it keeps me focused on the looking, without the slow-motion painstaking activity of painting (although I do like oil.)