Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"I don't mean to make you cry.
I mean nothing, but this has not kept you
From peeling away my body..."

From "Monologue for an Onion" by Suji Kwock Kim


am said...

This post and its links completely silenced my mind. When the stillness was broken, I heard an unmistakable singing:

"At times I think there are no words
But these to tell what's true"

("Gates of Eden," from the album titled BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME, recorded by Bob Dylan, 1965)

That's what happened.

raindog said...

and life for our little friend ended once he crossed the line between shadow and light. poof.

nice capture!

MjM said...

How eloquent.

Summer's over...

Granny J said...

Time to leave the nymph's husk behind, fly to the trees and begin the songs.